Well celebs and top models have to survive it. How come they can wear that sticky unnatural stuff on their face all day, every day that exists?

  1. Because they use the ad hoc stuff. Right shade AND right texture.
  2. Because uneven skin tone and contrasts look stronger on pictures ( I can explain why in scientific terms, but will keep it short for now). Yes those Family Adams red dark circles around your eyes, these grey shadows in the ailes of your nose) are much more visible on pics. Good news: all creatures in the Universe look older and less healthy on pics.  Except children until the age of 10 and a half. This is why, whenever you find yourself in front any kind of lenses posing as your amazing self, you will have to wear the bloody creamy thing.

HOWEVER, wearing the wrong foundation can be a disaster and ruin a photo shoot. And the reputation of many people involved. Unless you play in the Last King of Scotland or in Memoirs of a Geisha of course.

African Geisha

Are you one of those who can’t do without? Great, in that case, please, for the love of heaven, earth and all the creation and beyond, make sure you aren’t one of the 90% OF WOMEN WHO WEAR THE WRONG FOUNDATION SHADE OR TEXTURE.  Always try shades on your cheek and choose the one that melts into your colour. On my hand, my colour is in the middle. Shocking huh?DSC_0139 DSC_0142_ed_sq

From zombie, to corpse, to reborn. Oh and thank God someone also invented concealer. Voilà.

Trio Foundation