Sarah Deriaz


Genève, Lausanne, Zürich, Zermatt

+41 79 136 26 23

Do You loathe Photo Shoots? No kidding. I hear that all the time.

The thought of being in front of a camera makes you shiver like Leonardo di Caprio being eaten by a bear alive. Because you secretly decided that fat chance you would love yourself on stills…

My expertise isn’t just behind the camera. I have also worked as a PA in the city of London and in Switzerland. I will teach you what bosses see with their strategic minds when they view you on a tiny square on LinkedIn.

With my help, you will feel more relaxed, learn how to pose and look your best with the ad hoc body language, styling and makeover. All the ingredients to create a genuine shot of the real you that makes this vital first online impression a positive one as you have only one chance to master a first impression anyway.

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