I can see your arms taking the newspaper further and further away from your long-sighted frowning eye-balls (and growing long nose). I can hear your knees cracking in their worn cartilage. Oh and yes, you can’t do sleepless nights without a full week of recup. Don’t get me wrong and please face it: we are not 20 years old anymore.

For your consolation, I have tested the mirror of truth for you and it is sometimes wrong. In real life, I was 17 on the left and 39 on the right. Thank you Mirror, my dear Mirror.


Now for the love of the thin hair that is gradually growing on your cheeks,  please MOISTURISE this gorgeous face of yours with natural and efficient products twice a day if you don’t want to look like a lizardy elephant before age.

This applies to lovely male skin as well.


With love, Gran xx

43 bw

© Photo Candice Lhemanne @ Camendice when I was still 39.

© Latex Makeup Clémence Lhemanne @ Camendice